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Jewelry Under $1000

Jewelry Under $1000

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Poppy and Garnet Hoop EarringsPoppy and Garnet Hoop Earrings
Hoya Flower Stud EarringsHoya Flower Stud Earrings
Hoya Flower Stud Earrings Sale price$65.00
Pansy and Daffodil BraceletPansy and Daffodil Bracelet
Pansy and Daffodil Bracelet Sale price$500.00
Monstera Obliqua EarringsMonstera Obliqua Earrings
Monstera Obliqua Earrings Sale price$180.00
Native Turk's-Cap Lily EarringsNative Turk's-Cap Lily Earrings
Monarch in the Ferns NecklaceMonarch in the Ferns Necklace
Monarch and her Mexican Sunflower NecklaceA close up photo of the monarch butterfly necklace shown with real greenery next to it and on a light tan piece of wood.
Korok Friends EarringsKorok Friends Earrings
Korok Friends Earrings Sale price$400.00
A handmade sterling silver skunk necklace. She is surrounded by lots of silver flowers of all kinds. Above her in the sky are silver clouds and a small, round, amber cabochon to represent the sun. Along the necklace chain is a handmade cluster of flowers. The necklace is shown on a light tan piece of wood and fluffy grasses. A close up of the skink and flowers necklace.
Watermelon tourmaline bracelet with a central pink and green roughly round shape stone. There are large circular links that make up the bracelet. On each link there is a little strand of three multi colored tourmaline stones that move around when the bracelet is being worn. It is shown on a piece of light tan wood. This is the bracelet outstretched showing all of the colors. There are dark red leaves and pine needles above the bracelet.
A deep blue spectrolite stone is surrounded by carved silver carnivorous plants with a tiny silver fly on the top left of the pendant. The necklace is shown on a dark brown piece of tree bark. A close up photo of the three pitcher plants and one flower on the right side of the necklace.
Carnivorous Bog Necklace Sale price$620.00
A handmade sterling silver dogwood flower and beetle necklace shown on top of a dark grey piece of slate. A close up side view of the hand carved sterling silver beetle sitting on top of a dogwood flower.
Sterling silver and 24 karat gold stag beetle ring with two morenci turquoise stones with flecks of silver pyrite in them. The background of the ring is pressed with a real leaf and is about 2 inches tall.A side view of the silver and gold stag beetle ring. It shows the double ring band and the leaf patterned bezels holding the morenci turquoise stones.
A set of sterling silver jewelry that look like small monstera adansonii leaves. A necklace, earrings, and pendant are shown on a piece of petrified stone in pretty brown colors.A small silver monstera leaf necklace is shown on a piece of dark grey slate.
A sterling silver angel wing begonia leaf necklace shown on a piece of tree bark made by The Striped Cat Metalworks.A hand holding a sterling silver handmade begonia leaf necklace made by The Striped Cat Metalworks
Honey Bee and Citrine BraceletA close up photo of the honey bee and the flower in the center of the bracelet.
A sterling silver dwarf pea puffer necklace featuring 4 little fish swimming in a row behind each other. All of the fish have a few silver bubbles above them. They are on a silver looped necklace and shown on a piece of dark wood. A close up of some of the first couple of fish. They have spotted bodies and were given darker areas so that they seemed spotted like in real life.
Pea Puffer Necklace Sale price$400.00
A sterling silver handmade necklace in an elongated shield shape. There is a hand carved cricket at the bottom of the pendant and above her is a sprig of silver forget-me-not flowers. There are three light blue spotted turquoise stones mixed among the flowers. The necklace is shown in a bed of bright green moss. A photo farther away showing the cricket necklace and part of the hand made loop chain. There are sprigs of wheat and holly twigs around the necklace.
Star Hoop EarringsStar Hoop Earrings
Star Hoop Earrings Sale price$70.00
Handmade sterling silver crescent hoop earrings are about 1.25 inches tall and shown on some real moss. A close up of the hand hammered texture and oxidation given to the crescent moon earrings. They are shown on some real moss.
Crescent Moon Hoops Sale price$70.00
A sterling silver hair comb depicting a hand carved milkweed tussock moth on one end of the top, sits on top of a silver milkweed leaf. The hair comb is about 3.25 inches tall and wide. The hair comb is show on top of a light green plant leaf. A hand is shown holding the milkweed tussock moth hair comb to show size. It is about 3.25 inches tall and wide.
The White Mountains of New Hampshire mountain line on a sterling silver ring. Both rings are shown on a piece of dark green mineral stone. A close up of the New Hampshire White Mountains ring with tiny trees and bushes on the band.
A handmade sterling silver tang fish necklace. The little fish is shown in the center of the pendant and has silver seaweed on each side of her. Above the pendant is a turquoise and quartz doublet stone that looks exactly like the ocean from the sky. The necklace is surrounded by real water plants and on a piece of light tan wood. A closer photo of the one of a kind sterling silver tang fish necklace shown on a piece of dark brown wood.
Tang Fish Reef Necklace Sale price$450.00
Clownfish Reef NecklaceClownfish Reef Necklace
Clownfish Reef Necklace Sale price$475.00
A handmade glass sea turtle baby is set inside a resin cabochon with different colors of sea glass shards, seaweed, and sand. The cabochon is held in place with prngs in the center of the sterling silver pendant. The pedant is made to look like rolling waves on all four sides and has starfish, hermit crabs, seaweed, and seashells. The pendant is about 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide and shown on a dark grey piece of stone. A close up photo of the handmade glass sea turtle baby that Abigail Castagnaro created for this piece. He is sitting on top of a real stone and surrounded by ocean bubbles and sand found at Cape Cod.
A handmade sterling silver daffodil flower hair pick. It is about 6 inches tall and shown in front of a piece of light brown tree bark. A sterling silver daffodil hair pick is shown tucked in some bright purple crocus flowers.
Daffodil Hair Fork Sale price$290.00