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Custom Replica Houseplant Leaf Collection

Custom Replica Houseplant Leaf Collection

Jewelry made especially for those that are in love with their houseplants around them. A plant leaf that was personally handmade for them! These special pieces of sterling silver and gold jewelry are made entirely from solid sterling and gold metals, from scratch, and one of a kind. Your favorite leaf made into a piece of jewelry that only you own.

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Personalized Monstera Deliciosa Leaf NecklacePersonalized Monstera Deliciosa Leaf Necklace
Personalized Rhaphidophra Tetrasperma NecklacePersonalized Rhaphidophra Tetrasperma Necklace
Personalized Monstera Adansonii Leaf NecklacePersonalized Monstera Adansonii Leaf Necklace
Personalized Monstera Deliciosa Leaf BraceletPersonalized Monstera Deliciosa Leaf Bracelet
Personalized sterling silver monstera deliciosa earring and necklace set.A custom made sterling silver monstera deliciosa necklace is shown on a piece of dark tan wood.
Personalized Monstera Adansonii Jewelry SetPersonalized Monstera Adansonii Jewelry Set
Sold outPersonalized Variegated Houseplant JewelryPersonalized Variegated Houseplant Jewelry