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Care Instructions

I often forget to remind my customers that the recycled gift boxes I send my pieces in contain a layer of *fluff*. That fluff was created to help your natural metal jewelry oxidize less quickly. Oxidation is natural & safe. Please hold onto your box with that fluff for your piece to stay in when not being worn. Most of my pieces are given a darkening patina and that will fade with time. The more often it is polished or cleaned will also lessen that patina. I advise not wearing your jewelry in the shower, swimming, or on your hands while you wash them because soaps and water can affect your metals happiness as well. Many popular stones should also never be submerged in water such as opals! If you ever had a question about how to polish or clean something that I have made for you, please don't hesitate to send me a message! There is a lot more on this subject within my blog and some of it can be found here