Custom Jewelry Work

Sometimes throughout the year I have the time to take on a few custom orders. Because of the way that my brain works creatively, to make these one of a kind pieces, I need to have creative freedom. Most of the time these custom pieces are created for clients that already own something I have made. They know my work, my quality, my style of art, and trust that I will make them another piece of jewelry to love. Our conversation starts with a theme they would like for me to think about. For example, they might love monarch butterflies and would like a necklace made just for them. We would talk about sizes, what else they would like to incorporate, if they would like gemstones added, and then they let me freely create. Custom pieces are priced on a time and materials basis with a minimum charge of $350. If there is something that you do not see on my website but would love to wear, please feel free to click the Contact Me button at the bottom of this page to chat.