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Recent Works

These are some pieces that were either created for someone, or were created to be one of a kind. I am often asked to recreate a design that someone fell in love with but to add changes to it to make it their own. These are some pieces for inspiration and to smile at. 

Princess Mononoke Pendant

The Forest God overlooking his domain. There was a glass glow in the dark moon above and a hidden kodama.

Fat Toad

A necklace made from the love that my family had for a little wild American toad that called our backyard home for many years.

Animal Crossing Blathers necklace with an atlas moth to the left of the necklace. Blathers is holding a little book with a tiny butterfly on it and the word "ew" next to it. This necklace is made from sterling silver and shown on a dark reddish brown piece of wood.


Sometimes my geeky side has to create! This was an Animal Crossing necklace that I made of one of my favorite characters with his Bug Book (ewww!) and an atlas moth.

Custom Monstera Earrings

I was asked to use both silver and 14k gold to create a pair of earrings to look just like a variegated monstera deliciosa leaf from someone's houseplant.

Custom Cow Bracelet

A one of a kind bracelet made especially for a cow lover!

Max the Piglet

I have made many species specific jewelry pieces as fundraisers to help the animals that I love. This is Max the piglet with his stuffed animal that I created from a real photograph just like this!

A very special hair barrett for mom

A bracelet made for those that love the unique creatures