Some Favorites

Past Works

Many of the pieces of jewelry I create are one of a kind for their person. This gallery is a spot where I can share some of our favorites!

Fat Toad

Created from the love that my family and I had for a sweet female American toad. She made our back porch her summer home for many years and brought lots of smiles. this was a necklace in honor of her.

Mismatched sterling silver fox hoop earrings are shown on a light tan piece of wood. The earrings are about 3 inches tall and feature two moss agates at the top of the design. Each of the fox earrings is showing a different forest scene and both are below apple trees.

Fox under Cab apple trees

These earrings were inspired by an old grainy photo I came across years ago of a red fox IN an old crab apple tree trying to eat an apple on the branch. I am not sure if he was doing it because he was hungry, but the image stuck with me all this time.

Princess Mononoke

One of my first Miyazaki films was of Princess Mononoke and I fell in love! I loved the theme of this film and what it tried to get across. My daughter is a glass artist and created this glow in the dark glass moon to go in this necklace.