These are some pieces that were either created for someone, or were created to be one of a kind. I am often asked to recreate a design that someone fell in love with but to add changes to it to make it their own. These are some pieces for inspiration and to smile at. 


This pendant was titled "Fat Toad" after a very loved wild American toad that lived on our back porch for many years. She brought my family a lot of joy seeing what she did every evening. Looking forward to her return in spring also make the winters flow by a bit faster I believe. 

A pair of mismatched earrings that featured a tiny snail and a tiny mouse on each. Every element of these earrings was carved right from the silver itself making them one of a kind. 

Originally this necklace was made as a set of two for a pair of earrings. But for some reason they kept telling me that they would rather be separate necklaces instead so I reworked them. The luna moth is nestled into her forested home and has 24 karat gold touched wings to bring her even more beauty. She also features a locally mined Herkimer diamond and a moonstone. 

A customer requested nautilus pendant made from multiple layers of recycled sterling silver and copper. It was then carved to give the nautilus shape and texture. I tucked her safely into rolling waves where she can stay hidden. 

This was an ode to one of my favorite films, Princess Mononoke. The forest god overlooking his forested, watery home. Protecting the waters, trees, and life there. The moon was made by my daughter, Abigail Castagnaro, and it was created from glow in the dark borosilicate glass. Many of the stones are made from silver, copper, and brass.