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Fairy Ring Mushroom Bracelet


The folklore behind fairy rings has been passed down through many generations and is a part of many cultures. It really is no wonder why. Have you ever come across an opening in the forest and saw a perfect circle of mushrooms growing in a ring? These circles of fungi are said to be magical! Many cultures believed them to be where fairies and elves would dance when nobody was watching. If a human were ever to enter their fairy ring, the consequences could range from uncomfortable to severe. One version of the story goes that humans who entered the rings would be punished by being forced to dance to the point they collapsed from exhaustion. Some cultures believed that these fairy rings were portals to other magical worlds. Collectively, these myths all conclude that humans should never step within the circles, but they do bring good luck to those that happen upon them and treat them with respect. This fairy ring bracelet will be your good luck. 

Every one of these tiny sterling silver mushrooms was cut and carved by hand. The cluster of speckled mushrooms in the center are sided by the prettiest blue opalized petrified wood cabochons. Blues, greens, and even some gold flashes within each stone tell you that they most likely started forming millions of years ago. What was once wood, now is fossilized and opalized mineral pockets of the most beautiful colors! It the sunshine they even seem to radiate light. 

 This one of a kind bracelet is about 7.5 inches long 1.5 inches tall at it's tallest point, the central mushroom cluster. Two clasps are used to keep the bracelet snug on your wrist. Every other bracelet link grows the tiniest clusters of mushrooms within as well. A magical fairy ring!

Already completed one of a kind pieces such as this fairy ring mushroom bracelet will be packaged up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 

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