I am still working on your creations in my studio but our mail systems have been very slow. If you need your pieces by a specific date, please order early and chat with me about when you need them and what we can do.

One of a Kind Jewelry

Handmade whimsical jewelry born from the love of plants, nature and animals


Since she was a child, Tamara Castagnaro has had a deep love for nature and animals. To strike up a conversation with her, is to know that one of the two will be talked about. It’s no
surprise that her craft revolves around these deep-seeded passions. Through her business, The
Striped Cat Metalworks, Tamara works magic into metal with one goal in mind — to help
change the world for the living beings around us. Each piece, lovingly made by hand is forged
with the hope of creating conversations and bringing a voice to the voiceless. From the tools
she uses to design to the materials that make up her jewelry, you’ll discover it’s all created
ethically with every creature considered. You’ll also find plants, flowers and animals depicted in
every single piece she makes. Her homage to the beauty that surrounds us and the beloved
animals we live with is something she hopes touches your heart as much as they have touched


Because she’ll have it no other way — you love what you love.