The Striped Cat Metalworks

Jewelry you will love as much as you love nature

My Story

My passion is creating metal art with the hopes of inspiring conversation and change for the animals we share this planet with. My pieces almost always revolve around living beings, Mother Nature, and plants because that is where my heart is. My hope is that you see something I have created and it sparks an emotion in your heart, or in the heart of a loved one. All of my designs are hand drawn and then made with only my hands. No machines, no molds, no mass production that we see everywhere today. They come from my mind and life experiences so they are unique, each one. 

My parents used to tell me that I have been an animal lover before I could even walk. Weren’t most of us? That strong childlike love for animals has never gone away and my love for them really shaped me into who I am. Helping those who have no voice has always been important to me.

I believe that my pieces are unique because of the life that I have lived and you will see something like them nowhere else. The amount of thought, concern, and heart I put into my art sets them apart. I hope that you will also feel the same!




I had a custom made leaf with mouse family pendant and it was just perfect. Exceeded my expectations and arrived very quickly too. Thank you so much.

Natalie R.

This is possibly THE most beautifully handcrafted piece of jewellery I have ever gifted!! So so happy with it and will be back to purchase something for myself soon :) Tamara, you are a very gifted individual, thank you for making your creations available to the public! I must also add that the packaging is wonderful!! :)

Laura G.

Craftsmanship was very good and the artist contributes some of the profit to a wildlife refuge. I was kept informed of progress all along the way. Very happy with my purchase.

Lynn C.
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