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One of a kind jewelry that has gone home to its person.

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Sold outThe Tiniest of Tiny Baby Bat Earrings
Sonoran Gold Turquoise earrings studs are shown close up with their greens and teals. There are four earrings next to each other on a piece of light brown wood.A close up of two mismatched green sonoran gold turquoise earring studs with leaf patterned bezels.
Sold outRuby-Throated Hummingbird EarringsRuby-Throated Hummingbird Earrings
Sold outHandmade sterling silver raven mismatched earrings. Each earring features a hand carved silver raven bird sitting on a tree branch with crab apple blossoms around them. There are bright brass stars and mushrooms growing around them. At the top of the earrings there are dark blue moss kyanite gemstones. A closer view of the handmade sterling silver raven dangle earrings. There are brass gold stars, mushrooms, and crab apple branches and blossoms. They are shown on a piece of light tan wood.
Sold outSterling silver ruby-throated hummingbird hoop earrings are shown on a piece of light tan wood. They are about 1.75 inches long and feature a light green kyanite leaf gemstone below each earring. A hand is shown holding a pair of sterling silver handmade hummingbird hoop earrings. They have green dangling leaf gemstones at the bottom and are about 1.75 inches tall.
Whimsical Hummingbird Hoops Sale price$225.00
Sold outA hand carved sterling silver mouse sits in the middle of a handmade copper maple leaf. The necklace is about 1 inch tall and shown on a piece of dark green moss. The angle of this photo shows you a little more of the face of the sterling silver mouse on a maple leaf necklace.
Sold outBaby Toadlet Hoop EarringsBaby Toadlet Hoop Earrings
Baby Toadlet Hoop Earrings Sale price$600.00
Sold outMismatched sterling silver fox hoop earrings are shown on a light tan piece of wood. The earrings are about 3 inches tall and feature two moss agates at the top of the design. Each of the fox earrings is showing a different forest scene and both are below apple trees. A close up of one of the fox earrings. This fox is pouncing up in the air getting ready to jump on a tiny brass apple that is hidden in some ferns.
Sold outPersonalized Variegated Houseplant JewelryPersonalized Variegated Houseplant Jewelry
Sold outSnowflake ear threader earrings made from sterling silver are about 6 inches long. They are shown hanging on an evergreen bush.A close up photo of the ear threader dangle earrings.
Sold outThe Striped Cat Metalworks created a one of a kind sterling silver moose pendant with a mother and baby moose shown in a grassy swamp all made from sterling silver with a natural amber stone.Sterling silver handmade mother moose and baby pendant made by The Striped Cat Metalworks. The pendant has an amber colored stone and shown on a slate piece of rock.