Bunny in his Garden Necklace


This one of a kind sterling silver pendant was created to raise funds for Save the Buns. Save the Buns is a non-profit, small group of animal lovers, that are working to help save rabbits rescued from a life of animal experimentation. Right now they are in the process of building a rescue for the rabbits to live, either for the rest of their very loved lives, or with the intent of finding them forever homes. Save the Buns also aims to educate us on alternative ways to conduct research and testing that are safer, more accurate, and kinder. 

The pendant itself measures about 2.5 by 1.25 inches wide. Each element of this piece was carved by hand from the silver itself. All of a rabbits favorite things! Dandelion, fresh carrots, tiny raspberries, chamomile flowers, and clovers. Can you spot the hidden 4-leaf clover?  

The entire cost of this piece will be donated to this non-profit that I love and hope that you will as well. There will never be another piece like this and I hope it goes to it's perfect person.

Please be sure to learn more about this non-profit startup!


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