The Striped Cat Metalworks

Mismatched Snail Forest Earrings


A little piece of the forest floor within a raindrop. Wesley snail looks forward to the fall because there are always things to eat. Everywhere you turn, a snack. A little nibble of this, a big nibble of that. Have you ever seen a snail eat before? It really could be one of the CUTEST things you have ever seen. And did you know that you can hear a snail when he eats? Yup! Wesley has tucked himself within some ferns and mushrooms while he looks forward to where to go next on his adventure. Above him are two deep green moss agate cushion shaped stones to represent the forest he calls home. They are mesmerizing to behold. It really does look as though deep green moss was just suspended within clear rock forever. The second earring holds a cluster of multiple Herkimer diamonds at the center and ferns, flowers, and mushrooms grow up around it. The small cluster of crystals are made of many smaller crystal points that catch the light and glisten from all directions. 

These mismatched hoop earrings are entirely hand carved from sterling silver. They were not cast so each element is one of a kind and made slowly with care. Little Wesley snail is solid sterling silver with the sweetest face. Created from molten silver and then carved by hand to bring out his personality.  The entire earring from where it enters your earlobe drops 3.5 inches, and each earring is about 1.25 inches across. These one of a kind dangle earrings will quickly become your favorites to start conversations. 

Already completed one of a kind designs will be packaged up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 



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