The Striped Cat Metalworks

Personalized Monstera Deliciosa Jewelry Set


What if you can't decide on a necklace or earrings? Which is your favorite? How do you choose?? Now you don't have to decide because you can have both!

This is a set that will be made especially for you from your favorite leaf that you enjoy. A necklace and earring set made to mimic your personal houseplant leaf. The pendant will come to you on an 18 inch long sterling silver chain. The dangle earring leaves will be about 1.25 inches tall. Each set is completely unique so there is a slight difference in size between them all. 

All I need is a nice photo of the leaf with a white background behind it so that I can see all of the details. Point out if there are any unique traits to your leaf. What do you want to be sure that I include? And that is it! There are as many different looks of monstera leaves as there are humans that love them, so let me make yours for you! There are many examples of unique leaves that I have made within the photos. 

One of a kind personalized leaves will be made for you in about 1-2 weeks. They will then be packaged up sweetly and mailed off to you with a tracking number sent directly to your email. 

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