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Personalized Monstera Adansonii Jewelry Set

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For those that love their houseplants like crazy, this is the perfect jewelry set for them! The monstera adansonii leaves vary so widely and it is a joy to see what the new one will look like. This set of earrings and necklace will be made to mimic your favorite leaf from your adansonii plant. 

How to get your leaf designed into a necklace

Step 1. Purchase your favorite way that you would like to wear your leaf. Order a necklace, earrings, or a set of both!

Step 2. Send me an email or message from my website with a clear photo of your leaf with a lighter background behind it. Can you see the outline of the leaf well? I can turn up the contrast if I need to, so it doesn't have to be perfect! But, these photos here can give you an idea of what I need from you.

Step 3. Let me know in your email or message if there are any very special characteristics of your leaf that you want to be sure I include. Kitty bites, a special bend in the leaf, things like that. 

Step 4. Give me about 2 weeks to create your leaf for you from scratch. This process takes a bit of time as I want it to come out perfectly for you! When it is finished, you will get an email saying hello and giving you a tracking number so you can follow it on it's journey to you. 

Step 5. If you cannot wait for a personalized leaf to be made, or you can't choose a favorite leaf, let me make you a piece from my design that can be finished sooner!

The pendant leaves are about 1.5 inches long and the earring leaves will be about 1.25 inches long. Just as each leaf in nature is one of a kind, so too will be these jewelry sets. Please allow for some variation in size because of this. This set is made entirely from scratch for each of you from sterling silver. 

Please allow me about 2 weeks to create your custom houseplant pieces. They will be packaged up sweetly and mailed off to you as soon as they are finished. 

Personalized Monstera Adansonii Jewelry Set
Personalized Monstera Adansonii Jewelry Set Sale price$360.00