The Striped Cat Metalworks

Personalized Monstera Deliciosa Leaf Necklace


You have a favorite leaf, don't you? We all do. You know, the one that suddenly starts to pops up when we most need it. Is it going to be fenestrated? Will it have holes?? Why is it taking forever to unfurl? Let me make you that leaf to wear as a necklace!

All I need is a nice photo of the leaf with a white background behind it so that I can see all of the details. Point out if there are any unique traits to your leaf. What do you want to be sure that I include? And that is it! 

One of a kind personalized leaves will be made for you in about 2-3 weeks. They will then be packaged up sweetly and mailed off to you with a tracking number sent directly to your email. 

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