The Striped Cat Metalworks

Carnivorous Bog Necklace


There is so much life in a marshy bog! All the plants, insects, and animals that not only rely on each other, but eat each other, is immeasurable. I offer you this one of a kind necklace as a tiny handful of that ecosystem to wear. Native New England carnivorous plants just waiting for this fly to swoop a little too close. 

A deep blue flashy spectrolite heart is surrounded by life. A cluster of pitcher plants, in bloom, grows from the sphagnum and peat substrate below. The open venus fly trap open and just waiting patiently for that tiny fly above to come on down and pay it a visit. The sundew growing happily on a log that attaches itself to a 21 inch long sterling silver necklace chain. There is an added heart towards the end of the necklace chain so that you can choose to wear your necklace a bit shorter making it adjustable to 19 inches. The pendant itself measures 2 inches tall and is a little more than 2 inches wide. This pendant is made entirely of sterling silver and another will never be found like it. A true conversation heirloom piece. 

This pendant will be packaged up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 

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