Baby Sea Turtle Resin and Silver Pendant


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Can you see him struggling under the ocean waves trying to get to where his little soul is begging him to be? Hanging onto that rock with his front flippers, he looks out to where his forever home will be. Surrounded by seashells, seaweed, and the prettiest chunks of sea glass, he ventures on after his rest from fighting those humongous ocean waves. The pieces of Mother Nature's art surrounding him in this resin cabochon were all found treasures on the beach of Cape Cod. The sand below him fades into the ocean water. Real flakes of sterling silver were sprinkled into the resin as it was curing to bring even more sparkle to his home. The resin cabochon is prong held in the center of an ocean beach ecosystem. Lapping waves curl around the cab and within them are hidden treasures as well. Different types of sea grasses, seaweed, starfish, seashells, rocks, bubbles, and even the tiniest hand formed hermit crab with teensy claws. *click clack*

The miniature baby sea turtle is handmade from borosilicate glass by my daughter, Abigail Castagnaro. She is an amazingly talented miniature glass artist that brings animals to life with the glass that she melts! I set him in this epoxy resin cabochon so he will forever be safe and with you on your adventures. 

A beautifully textured piece of silver sea coral at the top of the pendant holds it onto an 18 inch long sterling silver necklace. The pedant itself measures a little over 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. 

Every element of this piece was made entirely by hand by melting, manipulating the silver while molten, and then carving away at it to create it's final shape. Each bubble placed by hand onto the waves giving them realistic flow and oxygenating life. The beach surrounding the stone has hidden elements that will have you finding something new every time you look at this necklace.  A perfect piece of jewelry for those of us who love nature, the ocean, or the plight of the sea turtles. 

This one of a kind necklace will be packaged up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 

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