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Cricket Amongst the Forget-Me-Nots Necklace

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Crickets sing with their wings! Did you know that crickets have different songs that mean different things? The males have one song for attracting a female from a distance, a song they give to her when they are close, and even a triumphal song for after they have mated. The females will rarely sing but they can! This cricket that I created for you is a lady. You can tell because she has an ovipositor for laying eggs if you peek really closely. I carved this little lady so that she will bring you luck every place you bring her. She was shaped while in my torch flame and given her final perfect details after cooled with miniature caving tools. She is the only cricket that will ever look exactly like her. 

This sweet cricket is tucked among a spring of forget-me-not flowers. Each miniature petal cut by hand, and pieced together and soldered with the utmost care to create a bouquet of these beloved baby blue flowers with bright yellow centers. The three US mined and cut Kingman turquoise stones that were gifted to her are to represent the blue of the forget-me-nots. This pendant measures 3 inches long and a handmade sterling silver chain was crafted especially for this piece that measures 19.5 inches long. A blend of swirls and loops give it a delicate yet strong foundation. 

My Maker's Mark featuring none other than Max the striped cat is on the back of this nature filled piece. Luck, beauty, and whimsy are what make this necklace one of a kind. 

Already created one of a kind designs such as this cricket necklace will be packed up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 


A sterling silver handmade necklace in an elongated shield shape. There is a hand carved cricket at the bottom of the pendant and above her is a sprig of silver forget-me-not flowers. There are three light blue spotted turquoise stones mixed among the flowers. The necklace is shown in a bed of bright green moss.
Cricket Amongst the Forget-Me-Nots Necklace Sale price$525.00