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Flower the Skunk in her Wildflowers Necklace

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She reminds me so much of Flower from Bambi. Sweet, innocent, soft, kind, and a lover of nature. She is surrounded by a field full of wildflowers! Each one of them cut out and created by hand individually. No two flowers the same. The little skunk sits in the middle of them all, fluffy tail tucked behind her, and holds a single stem in her sweet paws. Do you see how tiny and adorable they are? There is a beautiful cloud filled sky above her, wisps of breeze here and there in the air, with a bright amber cabochon sunshine tucked among them. This entire piece of art was built from scratch to make it one of a kind. The flowers, the tiny skunk, the leaf, and even the necklace chain was all built from sterling silver I melted down and turned them into the shapes they became. It started with just the skunk, knowing I wanted to create a world for her, but it wasn't until the flowers started being created by my hands that I just knew where she would be forever. This is the perfect world for such a wonderful creature. 

The pendant for this piece measures about 2.25 inches tall by 2 inches wide. The necklace chain is made in a unique way by clasping onto the pendant itself with a large handmade hook. Below the beautifully realistic leaf topped with magnolia flowers is where the hook lies that attaches to the pendant. It allows the necklace to be taken off and on easily because you can see exactly what you are doing when you need to. The hand pieced necklace measures about 21.5 inches long. 

This pendant made for the nature lover herself will be packaged up sweetly and mailed off within 3-5 business days. 

A handmade sterling silver skunk necklace. She is surrounded by lots of silver flowers of all kinds. Above her in the sky are silver clouds and a small, round, amber cabochon to represent the sun. Along the necklace chain is a handmade cluster of flowers. The necklace is shown on a light tan piece of wood and fluffy grasses.
Flower the Skunk in her Wildflowers Necklace Sale price$850.00