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Milkweed Tussock Moth Hair Comb


This comb idea came about after I read an article about monarch butterflies. I know. This isn't a hair comb of a monarch butterfly. But, stay with me for a minute. There are "celebrity" animals that people throw money at all the time. Monarch butterflies are one of them. They are not on the endangered list but do need us to continue protecting habitat for them and allowing fields of wildly grown plants to exist for their journeys. There ARE, however, insects that are just as important and native that do need our help just as much, if not more. The milkweed tussock moth is one such example. These native moths also lay eggs on milkweed and their young eats and matures on the plants at the same time as the monarchs. Sadly, I also often read online posts talking about how someone was proud about crushing these eggs or baby caterpillars when found on the milkweed that they planted specifically for monarchs. They think they are a predator of monarchs and are helping them. Education, reading as much as we can, and find reputable sources for our conservation efforts are so important. I wanted to create a special piece of an animal that we don't see depicted often so that people start asking questions. "Oh, is that a butterfly or moth on your hair comb?" And then you do the rest for these wonderful tiny creatures. 


This moth was entirely hand carved from recycled sterling silver making her one of a kind. Her solid body covered in "fluff" with her iconic black spots going down her back. Beautifully delicate veined powdered wings with her face peeking from under them. I perched her on top of a detailed milkweed leaf with a surprise on the back that only you will know of. Her eggs! This hand formed sterling silver hair comb 3.25 inches wide and with the comb's teeth, 3.25 inches tall as well. The thick double teeth of the hair comb are rounded at the ends so that it is very comfortable to wear all day. 


This hair comb can be an every day conversation piece, or be worn for special occasions, because of it's style and versatility. 


Already completed one of a kind designs such as this moth hair comb will be packaged up sweetly for you and mailed off within 3-5 business days. 

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