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Milkweed Tussock Moth Silver Decorative Hair Comb

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This milkweed tussock moth silver decorative hair comb came about while thinking of the animals that also depend on milkweed plants like monarch butterflies do. Milkweed tussock moths also lay their eggs on milkweed so that their young can munch the leaves and grow into adorable, fuzzy, spotty moths. you can often find their clusters of tiny white eggs on the backs of the leaves.

This decorative hair comb is made entierly from sterling silver and one of a kind. The milkweed leaf is about 3 inches across. A fuzzy moth was hand carved for this hair comb and looks as though it just landed to rest upon the milkweed leaf. The cluster of eggs she just laid are hidden on the back of the leaf keeping them safe. 

I wanted to create a special piece of an animal that we don't see depicted often so that people start asking questions. "Oh, is that a butterfly or moth on your hair comb?" And then you do the rest for these wonderful tiny creatures. Tell people all about the milkweed tussock moth. Tell them how they are necessary pollinators, a food source for native baby birds, and how wonderful they are!

Already completed one of a kind designs such as this milkweed tussock moth hair comb will be packaged up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. The perfect gift for the nature lover that wants to wear something nobody else has. 

A sterling silver hair comb depicting a hand carved milkweed tussock moth on one end of the top, sits on top of a silver milkweed leaf. The hair comb is about 3.25 inches tall and wide. The hair comb is show on top of a light green plant leaf.
Milkweed Tussock Moth Silver Decorative Hair Comb Sale price$350.00