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Jewelry Under $200

Jewelry Under $200

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Leafy Ant EarringsThe whole collection of unique pollinator jewelry.
Leafy Ant Earrings Sale price$180.00
Ant Pollinating Flowers RingAnt Pollinating Flowers Ring
Sterling silver 4 leaf clover earrings are shown on a piece of dark green mos. The clover sits at your earlobe and the stems dangle behind them. A hand is shown holding the sterling silver 4 leaf clover earrings for size reference. They are abut 2.5 inches long.
Four Leaf Clover Earrings Sale price$75.00
Variegated String of Hearts Dangle EarringsVariegated String of Hearts Dangle Earrings
Personalized Monstera Deliciosa Leaf NecklacePersonalized Monstera Deliciosa Leaf Necklace
Personalized Rhaphidophra Tetrasperma NecklacePersonalized Rhaphidophra Tetrasperma Necklace
A sterling silver mushroom ring with two mushrooms inside an oval frame. There are little silver fern fronds and silver stones around the mushrooms. The ring is shown on a piece of dark green moss. A side view of the ring showing the frame and the tiny ferns.
Mushroom Frame Ring Sale price$155.00
Sterling silver tiny hand carved mushroom earring studs and a matching necklace are shown on a piece of dark green moss and dark brown wood. A hand is shown holding the mushroom earrings and necklace set to show size. Each of them is only about .75 inches tall.
Tiny Mushroom Jewelry Set Sale price$125.00
Hoya Flower Stud EarringsHoya Flower Stud Earrings
Hoya Flower Stud Earrings Sale price$65.00
Monstera Obliqua EarringsMonstera Obliqua Earrings
Monstera Obliqua Earrings Sale price$180.00
Star Hoop EarringsStar Hoop Earrings
Star Hoop Earrings Sale price$70.00
Handmade sterling silver crescent hoop earrings are about 1.25 inches tall and shown on some real moss. A close up of the hand hammered texture and oxidation given to the crescent moon earrings. They are shown on some real moss.
Crescent Moon Hoops Sale price$70.00
A set of sterling silver jewelry that look like small monstera adansonii leaves. A necklace, earrings, and pendant are shown on a piece of petrified stone in pretty brown colors.A small silver monstera leaf necklace is shown on a piece of dark grey slate.
A sterling silver angel wing begonia leaf necklace shown on a piece of tree bark made by The Striped Cat Metalworks.A hand holding a sterling silver handmade begonia leaf necklace made by The Striped Cat Metalworks