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Article: The smell of love?

The smell of love?

The smell of love?

Yeah, catchy title, huh? Ha ha ha! That is the first thing you usually notice about skunks in the springtime, though. Their smell. When they are busy looking for love during their mating season, they gather in groups called surfeits, and that is not a normal thing for them. Usually skunks are solitary animals. You often will smell skunks around without seeing them because they are busy being upset about all these other skunks around! 

These little omnivorous creatures will give birth in the springtime to anywhere from 2-10 babies, called kits, in a den. Under large rocks, hollowed logs, and even under house porches, is where they sleep during the day and come out at night to eat. Sadly, they only live for about 2-3 years in the wild so have terribly short lifespans.  Having them in your yard is helpful because they often eat insects and grubs that eat our garden plants and flowers. 

I created a necklace from my love of these fluffy animals. Skunks are such beautiful animals that are more deserving of love, understanding, and protection from us. You can read more about this special piece here -


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