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Botanical Love Jewelry

Botanical Love Jewelry

A collection of handmade botanical jewelry pieces to show your love for the plant kingdom! Sterling silver and gold houseplant, native plants, and tropical plants made into wearable art. Some houseplant jewelry designs can be custom made to mimic your favorite plant! Floral necklaces, earrings, and rings specifically created in mind for those in love plants and flowers.

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A set of sterling silver jewelry that look like small monstera adansonii leaves. A necklace, earrings, and pendant are shown on a piece of petrified stone in pretty brown colors.A small silver monstera leaf necklace is shown on a piece of dark grey slate.
A sterling silver angel wing begonia leaf necklace shown on a piece of tree bark made by The Striped Cat Metalworks.A hand holding a sterling silver handmade begonia leaf necklace made by The Striped Cat Metalworks