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Borage Flower & Leaf Earrings

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Borage is an amazing little plant that is very easy to grow in your garden. It is a medicinal plant as well as just being beautiful to behold! The pretty blue flowers are edible by most folks and add such a beautiful color and sweetness to salads and on top of baked goods. I grow them in my garden mostly for the pollinators because just about everyone is attracted to these beautiful blue fairy flowers. Aren't they a sweet way to show your love for nature and our gardens that we so love?

The flower has a post on the back of it that you put through your ear and then place the little cluster of leaves onto it before putting the back of the earring clasp on the post. You can choose to wear the leaf clusters behind your ear lobe or in front of it. Or, you can leave the little leaves off entirely and wear just the flower heads. These flowers are entirely handmade for each of their people and unique from one another. Hand etched to show the detail in the flower's petals and the veins within the leaves. Real leaves are used to create the design for the leaves making them as unique as they are in nature. They are sure to make you smile with their sweetness. No two pairs of earrings will ever be the same because of how they are lovingly made. 

Made to order pieces such as these botanical earrings are created for you within 1-2 weeks before they are mailed off to you.
Sterling silver borage flower and leaf earrings. The two dangle earrings are shown on a piece of dark green moss with a real borage flower below them.
Borage Flower & Leaf Earrings Sale price$180.00