The Striped Cat Metalworks

Tree Bark Ring

This tree bark ring is a design that is perfect for a man or a woman's ring because we all love trees. It can be a ring we wear every day or it can be made extra special and have a matching pair to wear as engagement rings. We all have a special memory surrounding a favorite tree, don't we?

Each of these one of a kind tree bark patterned rings is made from thick recycled sterling silver. I melt and then hand forge each one with knots and burls, shallow and deep crevasses, to mimic the patterns on trees we so love. Each of these rings is made to order for it's person in your size so that it will fit perfectly. The bands will be about .25 inches wide.

Every ring is given a darkening patina to bring out the deepness in the bark's pattern and then given a hand polish to highlight the peaks in bright silver. No two rings will ever be the same. Just as no two trees will ever be the same.

Custom made to order pieces such as this ring will be created within 1-2 weeks before they are mailed off to you.

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