It's winter already?! Tamaras are not built for this crap.

It is November 16th and we just got our first snow of the season. I am not a lover of winter. At all. I go through that seasonal "disorder" every single year, and every single year swear I am going to move from Massachusetts to some place warmer. Wait. Disorder? Is that what it really is called? Ha ha ha! Also every single year, I do *not* move and stay in Massachusetts. So, this year as with all years, I promised myself that I would perk up and not be so down about the cold and being stuck inside more often. I am also a liar to myself ;)

I was really excited because recently Josh bought me a fancy squirrel feeder at one of my favorite stores, The Bird Store & More in Sturbridge, Mass.


Fancy bird feeder with copper roof

Squirrel feeder with copper roof next to squirrel eating birdseed

Squirrel upseide down eating birdseed from bird feeder

As you might have guessed, I love squirrels. Like, a lot! I think of all the types of animals I make, I make the most squirrel themed pieces. For some reason my mind always wanders to them when I am just playing around in the coop with not a definitive idea in my head.

Click on the photos to bring you to see more of them!


 These are just a few pieces that I have made and they never get boring to create! What kinds of things do you do that get you through the cold season? Give me some ideas! 


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