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Article: It's the little details that matter to me as well. Let's talk packaging!

It's the little details that matter to me as well. Let's talk packaging!

It's the little details that matter to me as well. Let's talk packaging!

Eco friendly packaging

I have been making jewelry for about 3 years now and I am constantly evolving, learning, and changing how I do things. And I would like to think it is for the better! Since the very beginning, though, I searched for recycled AND recyclable packaging. Thankfully I found it pretty quickly. I buy my padded mailers and biodegradebale packing tape (Yup! You read that right! Packing tape that breaks down completely!) both from Ecoenclose. They have amazing products and their prices are also competitive. Imagine that? Doing the right thing and it not be overpriced! I still can't get over this packing tape and how it is plant based, not stinky like regular packing tape, and will biodegrade! Maybe I am easily amused? Ha ha ha!

The recycled jewelry boxes I use are pretty cute and I love the size because I can put a pair of earrings in there, a necklace, or a large cuff and it is comfy and safe. Finding recycled jewelry boxes like this is pretty simple, thankfully. I usually buy mine from Nashville Wraps.

The ribbons I use for tying the boxes up are made by women now safe from human trafficking in India and the company is called Freedom Yarn. I read about this company and instantly purchased from them to use their ribbons in as many ways as I can! Please read more about them!

recycled jewelry box The Striped Cat Metalworks


And what about my adorable logo? That is my cat Max (whom this business is named after) sitting on my anvil surrounded by flowers and ferns. I hired an amazing vegan artist named Weronika Kolinska to design it for me and I couldn't love it more! 

The Striped Cat Metalworks logo

I change up the insides of my boxes every so often. I really like adding dried flowers and herbs that I grow in my yard depending on the time of year. Sometimes I even add some houseplant cuttings that can be rooted when they get to their new people! I like to think that it is also the little things that matter when making a great big impression. I want to send my pieces to you in a unique and special way. Make it an event when you open your piece of jewelry. I hope that you also think so!

The Striped Cat Metalworks Vegan Necklace

Last but certainly not least, I enjoying purchasing thank you gifts that will sometimes go along with my pieces. These thank you gifts are always vegan and animal free. I would love to tell you about my friend Casandra of Vegan Viridity who makes the coconut milk soaps you may have gotten. Please go and see more of her items on her Facebook page! You will love them!

Vegan Viridity Soap The Striped Cat Metalworks

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