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Toad Self-Care Bracelet

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Toad woke up.
“This house is a mess. I have so much work to do.”
Frog looked through the window.
“Toad, you are right,” said Frog. “It is a mess.”
Toad pulled the covers over his head.

“I will do it tomorrow,” said Toad. “Today I will take life easy.”

Frog came into the house.
“Toad,” said Frog, “your pants and jacket are lying on the floor.”
“Tomorrow,” said Toad from under the covers.
“Your kitchen sink is filled with dirty dishes,” said Frog.

“Tomorrow,” said Toad.

“There is dust on your chairs.”
“Tomorrow,” said Toad.
“Your windows need scrubbing,” said Frog. “Your plants need watering.”
“Tomorrow!” cried Toad. “I will do it all tomorrow!”

Toad sat on the edge of his bed.
“I feel miserable,” said Toad.
“Why?” asked Frog.
“I am thinking about tomorrow,” said Toad. “I am thinking about all of the many
things that I will have to do.”
“Yes,” said Frog, “tomorrow will be a very hard day for you.”
“But Frog,” said Toad, “if I pick up my pants and jacket right now, then I will not
have to pick them up tomorrow, will I?”
“No,” said Frog. “You will not have to.”

Toad picked up his clothes. He put them in the closet.

“Frog,” said Toad, “if I wash my dishes right now, then I will not have to wash
them tomorrow, will I?”
“No,” said Frog. “You will not have to.”
Toad washed and dried his dishes. He put them in the cupboard.

“Frog,” said Toad, “if I dust my chairs and scrub my windows and water my
plants right now, then I will not have to do it tomorrow, will I?”
“No,” said Frog. “You will not have to do any of it.”
Toad dusted his chairs.
He scrubbed his windows. He watered his plants.

“There,” said Toad. “Now I feel better. I don’t feel miserable anymore.”
“Why?” asked Frog.
“Because I have done all that work,” said Toad. “Now I can save tomorrow for
something different.”
“Absolutely,” agreed Frog.

This story is a little life lesson, I think. Some days we just don't feel like doing a thing. Maybe we are also down in the dumps like Toad was. Sometimes, I have found, that if I actually do get up and water my houseplants, I feel better. It gives me the encouragement to do a little more that will make my life a bit sweeter. I search for the glimmers. Those little reflections of rainbow light within my life that make me feel good. Not the big huge things that make me feel whole, but all the tiny ones that equally matter. Houseplants are a whole handful of those glimmers for me. 

Bracelet Information

This one of a kind bracelet was made to be a reminder to us to take time for self care. Search for, and hold onto, the glimmers in our lives. Water your houseplants, tend to them, offer them fertilizer to grow big and strong, and at the same time you are tending to yourself. 

Made entirely from sterling silver by hand, the scene on the bracelet measures about 1.75 inches across and 1.5 inches tall. It was made with an open back so that you can hook it onto your wrist after sizing the first time you try it on. Once put on properly and then fitted the first time, the bracelet will be simple to take off and on without changing the bracelet size. The bracelet band was made to be 6-5 inches long with a 1 inch open gap in the back to fit a variety of wrist sizes. But, please be sure to know your wrist measurements. 

Already completed one of a kind designs such as this Toad bracelet will be packaged up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 

Toad from Frog & toad is shown watering his houseplants as a form of "self-care". This is a bracelet made from sterling silver and shown on a piece of dark green moss.
Toad Self-Care Bracelet Sale price$475.00

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