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Tiny Mouse under her Mushroom Ring

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She needed a safe spot to tuck under so she could take a rest from collecting her winter cache. Preparing for the winter is round the clock work if you didn't know! Not only do you need to find the best spots for hiding your family's future meals, but you also need to take a nibble from every piece just to make sure it is wonderful. And do it all with the tiniest, sweetest little paws imaginable! The sunshine on her soft head felt so nice so she peeks it out every once in a while from under the mushroom to gather a bit more happiness. Soon the snow will be here, but for now, she will enjoy the golden rays and warmth before it leaves again. When all of her favorite playing spots are filled with freshly popped mushrooms, that is when she knows it is time to plan ahead. She sticks her nose in the air and just knows that soon it will be time to be cuddled in her leaf nest, with her family near her, snacking away until the sun and warmth return again. 

This ring was made to be one of a kind. Nothing was cast, but instead, carved from the gold itself to give each element it's own personality. It is made entirely from 14 karat gold and created by using tiny carving tools to help each piece take shape and life. The sweet little mouse with her nose in the air is tucked under a chubby speckled mushroom to keep her safely hidden. She is surrounded by the forest floor with tiny stones and a sparkly Herkimer diamond at her side. The ring is made to fit a size 7.5. There will never be another ring like her and her ecosystem anywhere in the world. 

Already completed one of a kind designs such as this miniature golden mouse ring will be packaged up and sent off to you within 3-5 business days. 

A 14 karat gold ring that features a tiny hand carved mouse sitting under a mushroom. Next to them is a shiny herkimer diamond point that is prong set. The ring is shown on a sprig of lavender.
Tiny Mouse under her Mushroom Ring Sale price$1,200.00