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Sugar Gliders in Flight Earrings

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These adorable little sugar glider earrings were handcarved to show their sweet details and made from sterling silver. They are made into stud earrings at about .75 inches tall. Small but full of personality and detail! After they are soldered together I give them a darkening patina to bring out even more of their details and then give them one last final hand polish. I carved these little creations myself to replicate some of the cutest animals around. 

Little outstretched fingers ready to grab onto you for safety, those signature adorable ears, fuzzy tail used as a ruder, I even gave them their forehead stripes. 3 dimensional packages of love. 

Each of my pieces come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them perfect for gift giving or as a sweet surprise for yourself.

Handmade sterling silver sugar glider earrings. They are about 1/2 inch tall and shown on a piece of tree bark.
Sugar Gliders in Flight Earrings Sale price$90.00