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Obliqua (it is this time) Leaf Necklace

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If you are a part of the plant community, then you have heard this saying before, "It is never obliqua." Except this time, it is! This sterling silver replica of a real monstera obliqua leaf can be enjoyed forever. A conversation starter for sure when someone wonders just how a leaf with that many holes can survive. I will admit, this is something I have also pondered!

Custom made especially for you, these made to order twisty, holy leaves are about 2 inches tall. Two curly tendrils soldered to the leaf itself help to keep it safe on an 18 inch long sterling necklace chain. Each leaf is hand cut and then given it's pattern using a real leaf so each one of them is one of a kind. 

Custom made to order necklaces such as this obliqua leaf take me 1-2 weeks to create before they are mailed off to you. 

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A sterling silver handmade monstera obliqua leaf necklace shown on a variegated monstera thai constellation leaf in the background.
Obliqua (it is this time) Leaf Necklace Sale price$150.00