The Striped Cat Metalworks

Max's Planty Sticker Sheet


There is so much fun packed in this 4" X 6" sticker sheet! Max is always "helping" me with my houseplant care so this theme only made perfect sense. My stripey little friend likes hiding under the big leaves of my fiddle leaf fig, pawing at any variegated string of hearts he can just barely reach, and taking cat naps where he shouldn't be. All of these stickers are based on real life Max antics! 

7 vibrantly colored houseplant and naughty striped cat designed stickers that you can stick on your laptop, your notebook filled with your To-Do list, your fridge that holds your cat's snacks, or even on a cute plant pot filled with organic cat nip (for your cat, of course)!

These stickers ship to you for free! 

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