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Happy and Sad Little Raincloud Necklaces

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I think their names match them perfectly, don't you? The dark, moody, little flashes of lightning within the labradorite stones resemble dark and thundery days. The brightness and rainbow flash of the moonstones mimic the happy and sunshiny days. Spring, as well as life, have both of them. In order for life to thrive, we need both kinds of days. 

Each one of these little rainclouds will be made for their person. You can choose either a (sad) labradorite stone or a (happy) moonstone for your necklace. Each stone is a tiny bit different because of their hand cut nature. They are all about .75 inches long. Each stone will be backed with sterling silver, prong set, and then given tiny hand carved sterling raindrops below it. All the same style but each with a different stone. The finished pendant will come on an 18 inch long sterling silver necklace chain making it ready to wear when it reaches you. 

There is only a small limited number of happy and sad rainclouds that I will make this year. Because I make each of them for their person, please allow me 2-3 weeks to create them from scratch for you. 

A happy moonstone raincloud necklace next to a sad labradorite raincloud necklace. Both necklaces have sterling silver dangles below them with tiny raindrops attached. They are both shown on a piece of light tan wood.
Happy and Sad Little Raincloud Necklaces Sale price$200.00

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So stinking cute! Great communication. Fast turnaround for a made to order item