The Striped Cat Metalworks

Hand Carved Moon Earrings

This is what I interpret the surface of our Moon looking like. Wonderful craters, tall mountains, and chunks of sparkly space dust all over.

Every single one of these recycled sterling silver moon earrings will be hand made for each of their people. About 1/2 inch tall, they are each full of craters, divots, mountains, caverns, and holes just as our real Moon is. Per your order, you can choose a matching pair of full moons, a matching pair of crescent moons, or a mismatched pair of a full moon and crescent moon. You decide how you will wear these!

Perfect for every day wear studs to give you a little bit of extra sparkle.

Custom made to order pieces such as these beautiful moon earrings take about 1-2 weeks for me to create for you. They are packaged up sweetly and then sent off to you as soon as they are finished perfectly.

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