Gemstone Adorned Bat Bracelet


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For those of us who love bats, Halloween isn't the only time of year when we can wear them. They really are an all year round kind of love. This bracelet was created for those who adore these tiny, fuzzy, and adorable creatures! Made entirely from the beginning with you in mind, each one of these little guys has their own personality that comes through as I am crafting them. Open wings in flight, they will have ethically mined and cut gemstones at each wing tip that you will choose for them. They are made from sterling silver, carved by hand, and feature an open back on the bracelet so that you can get it off and on easily. 

I have many gemstones to choose from, and depending on your perfect pair of stones, the price for this bracelet could change. Most of these bracelets will be around $400 total and only two of them will be made this year. Let's chat about your favorite stones!

The bracelets in the photos and videos below are there to show you just a couple of different stones you can choose from. They were made with silky sapphires, purple iolite, and the third was with deep red garnets. I have also made matching necklaces for this bracelet if that is something you would love instead. Just send me a message to find out more! 

Please allow me about 2-3 weeks to create this piece for you as each one is one of a kind and made by hand. 

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