Ball Jar Necklace


I have had an old glass Ball jar in my cabinet for as long as I can remember.  The only purpose that old Ball jar has had was to hold bouquets of handpicked flowers and proudly display them where everyone could enjoy them. That Ball jar held flowers brought to me by my children when they were little, flowers gifted to me by friends from their own gardens, and flowers brought home from my husband when he knew I needed a little pick-me-up. I love this glass jar as much as I love the flowers we put in it. 

Each of these flowers was handmade from melted wire and sheets of recycled silver and carved by hand. Intention was poured into each one while I crafted them. Pansies represent love and platonic affection. Remembrance. Irises represent wisdom, faith, and purification. A clean slate. Geraniums are thought to carry protective energy. They are also associated with love and happiness. Daffodils are thought to bring luck and love. Poppies bring prosperity, love, and tranquility. There are two poppy leaves that I often tuck in the back of the bouquet as well as three gemstones to sprinkle throughout the flowers to add a bit of bright color. A purple amethyst, yellow citrine, and a green peridot. 

This necklace can be worn with the removable silver flowers or you can choose to create your own bouquet with live blooms! One possible favorite way is with freshly picked lavender flower buds within your Ball jar so that you can sniff them when needed throughout the day. Need a little calming during a hectic afternoon? Reach down, hold your necklace, and take a deep breath. Fresh colorful herbs are also a wonderful way to add contrast, scent, and mood boosting plants to your necklace. Variegated pineapple mint to perk you up, lemon verbena to refresh, tiny chamomile flowers to give a calming touch. With this necklace, you will start noticing how dainty grasses and their seed heads really are. What is the smallest flower you can find in your backyard? You will be searching for the tiniest ferns your eyes can pick up. How about one single larger bloom of a bright happy daisy? You will find yourself getting creative with the natural world around you so that you can design a new bouquet every single day. The possibilities with this vase necklace are endless

The Ball jar vase itself measures about 1.5 inches tall with the hanger on top. With the bouquet of silver flowers, it is just a tad bit higher. It will come on an 18 inch long sterling silver loop necklace chain. 10 stems total that include flowers, leaves, and the three gemstone twigs. 

I hope that this piece will be treasured forever, with friends and loved ones bringing you tiny findings to keep in your Ball jar to make it even more magical. 

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