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Alocasia Leaf Necklace

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 A little alocasia leaf love! The alocasia plants have some of the prettiest leaves, don't they? This sterling silver leaf necklace was made by pressing a *real* leaf into it to leave behind a beautiful realistic leaf pattern. Tiny veins were soldered on and then it was given a twisted little stem to hold it onto an 18 inch long necklace. The leaves edges were twisted a bit to give it some natural shape and then it was darkened to really bring out the veining pattern. Since each of these pendants are made with a real leaf pattern, no two will ever be alike. The perfect gift for the plant lady in your life!

Each sterling silver leaf necklace is about 1.5 inches long and will come to you on an 18 inch long sterling silver necklace.

Each of my pieces come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them perfect for gift giving, or as a nice surprise for yourself. Custom made to order pieces such as this necklace take 1-2 weeks to create before they are mailed off to you.

A handmade sterling silver alocasia houseplant leaf necklace. The leaf is about 1.25 inches tall and has a twisty stem holding it onto a necklace.
Alocasia Leaf Necklace Sale price$150.00