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Article: My Visit to Terrapin Glass Studios in Jaffrey, New Hampshire!

Handmade glass Holstein cow sitting in the grass.

My Visit to Terrapin Glass Studios in Jaffrey, New Hampshire!

Terrapin Glass Studio

Hello friends! 

It has been a crazy time across the entire world and I have been trying to find the good wherever I go. It takes practice to keep your mind in a positive place and it takes work to be happy sometimes. But both of these things are so important to staying healthy. So, I'm trying! Thankfully during this time I have met some incredible new people and grown closer to my own little family. Both things that I hope you also have been doing.

My daughter, Abigail Castagnaro, is a miniature glass artist and has been making glass art since before she was a teenager. To see more of her work, this is her Instagram page full of fun things! Abigail's Instagram Page I will be sure to make a blog about her and with photos of more of her work in the very near future! Seriously. It is ridiculous what she can do with glass. 

Abbie is amazing at what she does and I am in awe of her skills, patience, and talents. The studio in which she is working at right now is owned and operated by some really amazing women that are equally as talented! I got to meet Dominique, the owner of Terrapin Glass Studio, recently and I was invited to come watch a live demo of Dominique and Abigail making a glass cow! It was a lot of fun, HOT, and everything happens so fast for them while working with glass that you don't want to blink! The patience these girls have is unbelievable! And to be doing all this with molten glass?? This is the demo that was recorded while I was there. Dom was so great at explaining what they were doing and why. It is just second nature for her because she is an amazing teacher. Normally that is exactly what she is doing at her studio, teaching folks how to work with glass and create beautiful art. Keep an eye out on her website or Facebook shop page for when she can finally reopen. If you are in the Jaffrey, New Hampshire area you will have a blast with her and learn so much while making something you can take home and treasure forever.

Dominique and Abigail have been working together to create beautiful pieces of art that showcase both of their skills and what they are making is awesome! I was able to purchase an adorable spotty cow from one of their creative meetings. But they have made ponies, unicorns, MOOSE, and cows so far. I am excited to see what they come up with next! They are also offering some spots to have a custom made piece created by them just for you. Some of their creations! This is my little cow below. 

Handblown glass cow made by Dominique of Terrapin Glass and Abigail Castagnaro.

And look at her little pink nose and sweet eyes!

Handmade glass cow that is white with black spots made by Dominique of Terrapin Glass and Abigail Castagnaro.

Dominique also just released some blown stemless wine glasses as well that I scooped one of. It is the most beautiful blue with "fluffy" white clouds on it. I have used it for my daily drinking water glass since I received it! She has more in other colors as well, *hint, hint*. More wine glasses here!

Handblown drinking glass in a deep cobalt blue with white fluffy cloud patterns on it. Made by Dominique of Terrapin Glass Studios in New Hampshire.

Supporting local artists is fun and necessary to do any day, but especially important right now. Art is so important to us and to this world. So, check out the Terrapin Glass Studio's website and look at all the lovely things that the women there have to offer! 

I will end this by also adding that it melts my heart that Dominique and her momma, Anne Marie, run this business together. I think they are both amazing human beings and we are lucky to have them in this world <3


I bought a unicorn and a stemless in a lovely amethyst …made my own blown ornament. I am anxiously awaiting my next glass adventure…stupid Virus! In the mean time….more cow spots Abigail!


I love Terrapin and all its folks. Taking lessons was the high light of my week and so looking forward to going back and continuing. Watching Abbie create the frogs atop the paperweights was amazing, I simply had to buy one and then will it to my grand daughter when the time comes!
Such wonder talent in Jaffrey, my home town where I grew up.

Pam Abbott

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