A metal and watercolor collaboration!

I belong to about thirty-seven billion Facebook groups because I have WAY too many interests. A few weeks ago I was scrolling through one of them called "The Weird Art Group" and saw an adorable watercolor that Fluke Lady (her name is Alley) did of a little ghost with a tiny ghost cat sitting on the back of their sheet. My heart melted! I have a thing for cats ;).

Fluke Lady ghost cat watercolor print.

It was way too late at night and I should have been sleeping, so probably not making the best decisions (ha!), and sent Alley a message and asked her if I could recreate her painting in silver form so that she can wear it as a necklace. I just wanted to make it for some reason! She said yes!

A handmade sterling silver necklace of a little ghost with a ghost cat sitting on the back of the ghost's sheet.

This is the comparison of her piece and my piece side by side. I think they are both adorable. This is something I would love to do in the future as well. Work with other artists and we can create something of the same theme together and see how they come out in our different mediums! 


A watercolor painting of a ghost and a ghost cat next to a photo of a sterling silver replica of the painting.

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