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Article: A Collaboration with Coral Nathan of Coral Inks!

A Collaboration with Coral Nathan of Coral Inks!

A Collaboration with Coral Nathan of Coral Inks!

This was a fun collaboration! Coral of Coral Inks sent me a message on Instagram one day asking if I might be interested in making some jewelry based off of her drawn designs. She showed me some of her work and I instantly fell in love! Because the original molecular designs that we chatted about originally would take a lot of trial and error, we decided on making some Halloween themed pieces together first.

I thought it was a really neat idea that she creates art and then also offers "tattoo tickets" in which one can inexpensively purchase the use of her art to be used as a tattoo design. She also offers many sticker, shirt, and print designs that you are sure to fall in love with. This is a secret, but she has been sending me photos of her designs made into fabric! There are so many endless possibilities on which you can enjoy her art on. How about an ocean animal themed shower curtain? ;)

I will share some of the pieces we made together below. Her art first and then what we decided on making for a jewelry piece to match. 

A hand drawn image of a jack o lantern that looks like a cat face. It has two round leaves on the right side of the face and a curly stem on the left.

A handmade sterling silver, brass, and copper kitty jack-o-lantern necklace shown in front of some fall orange leaves.

And then next we worked on a forager friend. It is of the sweetest little ghost covered in growing mushrooms and holding a bouquet of fungus! So cute! 

A hand drawn image by Coral Nathan of a ghost with mushrooms growing from their sheet. The ghost is also holding a little bouquet of mushrooms.

A sterling silver handmade ghost necklace covered in growing silver mushrooms. The ghost is holding a bouquet of mushrooms as well.

Because we wanted to have a prototype of the molecular design she creates, she offered to make me my very own dopamine piece with MY favorite things upon it. I hope to have the time soon to be able to experiment with how best to make this idea into a necklace. We both agree that it will not only be one of a kind, but a heart felt and precious piece of jewelry that someone can help design and love for all time. The piece below is what she created for me from my favorite things that I asked her to include. All of the elements remind me of my husband and children <3 Monarch butterfly, ladybugs, lupine flowers, gerbera daisy, ferns, turkey tail mushrooms, and a tiny little mouse. 

A dopamine molecule that was drawn by Coral Inks featuring a monarch butterfly, turkey tail mushrooms, gerbera daisy, tiny field mouse, lupine flowers, ferns, and mushrooms throughout the design.

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