Whale Mother and Calf Ocean Pendant with Labradorite


What an incredible bond whale mothers have with their babies. Swimming side by side through our giant oceans together, they are inseparable. Mothers will usually only have one baby every two to three years so they are a pair for a long time. Scientists don't really know why whales sing but I would love to think that often mothers will sing to their babies. 

This deep blue-green labradorite matches the waters that this pair would swim perfectly. It is held into a bezel that I created especially for holding this stone in a carved wave pattern. I added tiny little ball details to represent the bubbles within the waves and have a piece of silver sea kelp wrapping from the back of the piece around to the front of the stone. The waves are twisting and unfurling around them keeping them safely hidden beneath. Tiny barnacles on their sweet faces, light and dark body patterns, and those amazing flippers. There is so much texture within this piece!

The necklace holding them is made to be about 21 inches long and I gave it a slight patina and polished to match the dark ocean theme of the pendant. A lobster clasp to hold it safely closed. A one of a kind piece to show your love for these magical and majestic living beings!

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