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A tiny hand carved sterling silver guinea pig is shown on a silver maple leaf. He is on a necklace and about .75 inches wide.
The face of the little silver guinea pig. He is attached to a silver maple leaf and shown on a dark grey piece of stone.
A side view of the little pouty faced guinea pig. He is on a sterling silver maple leaf and shown on dark grey stone.
A little sterling silver hand carved guinea pig is on a maple leaf not much larger than he is. The necklace is shown on a piece of dark grey stone.
The back of the little guinea pig pendant showing his tiny little nub tail.
A hand holding the little guinea pig necklace.

Tiny Guinea Pig Necklace

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*weeeek, weeeeek, weeeeeeeeek*

The song of the guinea pig and it is the cutest! This little guy was carved from sterling silver from the silver itself so there will never be another one like him. This tiny one of a kind pendant is about .75 inches wide and tall. He lives on a little maple leaf that was textured using a real leafs pattern being pressed into it. The tips are twisted and curled just like a real fall leaf. He is a necklace that you can wear every day, year round, or just a a special Autumn themed piece if you so choose. What a sweet way to show your love for guinea pigs! There will only be one of him ever to adventure this planet with.

He will come to you on an 18 inch long sterling silver necklace and come packaged sweetly to you. Already made one of a kind pieces such at this little one will be mailed off to you within 3-5 business days.