Tiny Golden Mouse Ring


She found a place to tuck herself away for a bit to take a midafternoon nap. The sun's rays feel so very wonderful warming her soft back. She will be safe here. The tiny field mouse knows that it isn't a smart idea to venture out during the day in the wide openness of nature, but there are so many things to see! And so many things to nibble on! 

The vining ivy ring band that grows around your finger is a size 7.5. Tiny hand cut ivy leaves growing here and there are tucked within the band itself. The deep red garnets were chosen to match the crimson fall leaves of the mighty maples and the feel of the Autumn season. The rose cut garnets are tucked on each size of the 14 karat gold hand carved mouse napping in her ornate silver coffin home. Little vines twisting and twirling here and there give you something new to see whenever you admire this piece. The way the golden mouse and her coloration pops from the darkened silver makes her even more beautiful. 

Already completed one of a kind designs such as this ring are mailed off you within 3-5 business days. It will be packaged sweetly and ready to be gifted or worn. 

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