Sunflower Bracelet


Something that has been on my mind since the start of the war on Ukraine. Sunflowers. It is their nation's flower and for good reason. Sunflowers represent the warmth and power of the sun. They are a symbol of energy, life, and well-being. They have emerged as a sign of solidarity and one of resistance for the people of Ukraine. My heart has been with the humans and animals that are mixed up in this against their will and will suffer the most. When this bracelet finds it's home a $75 donation will be sent to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. IFAW has been working with local shelters in Ukraine setting up emergency shelters for animals that have been displaced, helping to heal the hurt and sick animals, and working to help families be reunited with their beloved animal companions. I have been trying to find as many ways as I can to help those there that need our love and help.

Two blue kyanite stones sit next to the sunflower on each side. Blue and yellow. An opening in the back of the bracelet make it slightly adjustable. The multiple layers of hand cut silver petals open to the sun.

This bracelet will be packaged up within 3-5 business days and mailed off to it's person. 



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