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Four pairs of handmade sterling silver elephant earrings. Two pairs have their trunks up, two pairs have their trunks down. They are all shown in a piece of light brown wood.
A pair of sterling silver handmade elephant earring studs that are about 1/2 inch tall and are shown on a light brown piece of wood.
A pair of handmade sterling silver elephant earring studs that are about 1/2 inch tall and have their trunks up in the air.
A hand is shown holding a pair of 1/2 inch tall elephant earring studs to show the size.
Mismatched elephant sterling silver earrings. One elephant has his trunk up and the other elephant has his trunk down.

Sterling Silver Elephant Stud Earrings

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These playful little recycled sterling silver elephant studs are both a little different from the other. Each of them are about .5 inches (1/2 inches) tall but because I cut them out by hand and carefully etched on their features, they both look a bit different. Adorable floppy ears, inquisitive little trunks, and happy tails swinging in the breeze!

The elephants, earring posts, and the earring backs are all made from sterling silver.

You can choose to have me make your elephants with their trunks up, down, or a mix of both! Just choose which style you would like in the drop down menu. 

Each of my pieces come to you in sweetly decorated gift boxes making them perfect for gift giving or as a nice gift for yourself.