Inquisitive Rat Pendant

Rats are amazing creatures and so smart! I have known many of them personally that were even taught tricks. They want to make their humans happy just as dogs are thought to! I created this piece so that when seen he can spark conversation about what some rats have to live through and just how amazing they are. Animal experimentation is still happening all over world, and for such crazy things! These animals are lovable, sociable, and enjoy being with their humans. They deserve more love, recognition, and our help to be kept safe and loved.

This sterling silver and copper pendant is sure to bring a smile to the face of the rat lover in your life. People who love these tiny creatures understand a unique kind of love that I don't believe is shared with any other kind of animal in our lives. They are surely special!

This piece is 1 inch tall and a little over 1 inch wide. He has a tiny bail on back so that he can hang onto the 18 inch long sterling silver chain that he comes with. I also send all of my pieces in sweetly decorated gift boxes so that they are ready for gift giving or to be enjoyed by you. Please remember that each of these pendants are made *just* for you so they will all be unique! Made to order custom pieces take 1-2 weeks to be created and then they are mailed to you.

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