Princess Mononoke Inspired Pendant


This one of a kind pendant was hand fabricated from the very beginning step of melting the sterling silver and rolling it into a usable sheet from an ingot. The pendant itself measures 2 inches wide by 2 inches tall almost exactly. An imaginary, fantastic, beautiful world all within a 2 inch square piece of silver. Made from several layers of carved silver to represent a magical and mystical world. The Forest God staring up at the starry night sky with a glass glow in the dark moon above him. The moon is made by miniature glass artist Abigail Castagnaro (whom is also my daughter ;) The Forest God is surrounded by little sandbars jutting out into the water with miniature hand shaped silver, copper, and brass "rocks". His feet surrounded by growing vines and flowers as he takes each step. The background is filled with both live and dead ancient forest trees. A tiny grassy hill on the left and sitting atop it is the smallest inquisitive kodama you will ever see. 

The chain for this necklace is also hand fabricated and created to be about a 20 inch long chain when being worn. There is a thick S clasp that grasps onto a circular loop to keep this piece securely around your neck. 

This pedant was worked on over many months until it was complete and perfect. I channeled the love that I have for this film and it's beautiful message of caring for the animals and plants on our planet into this one of a kind piece. 

This piece will come to you packaged sweetly in a gift box making it perfect for gift giving. Already finished one of a kind designs such as this pendant will be mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 

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