Porcupine Puffer Necklace


I am not sure if there is anything much cuter than a smiling little porcupine puffer looking right back at you! I love these little fish! Each puffer is handmade especially for you so no two will ever be the same. Those recognizable little spots and brown stripes, feisty little fins, and those eyes! They have the sweetest eyes. 

Your fish will be about 1 inch wide and look similar to the photos here but unique to you because they are truly handcrafted. Made entirely from hand cut layers of recycled sterling silver, they will come to you on an 18 inch long sterling silver necklace. 

If you are interested in having your specific fish recreated into a necklace for an upcharge, just send me a message and we can chat about it!

These made to order necklaces will take me 1-2 weeks to create for you before they are mailed off. 

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