Mother and Piglet Necklace


Mother pigs are so loving and care for their babies in such an amazing way. I am sure you have also heard just how smart pigs are! Smarter than even the smartest dog! This necklace is a sweet way for a momma to wear her family around her neck. A sweet gift to represent her and her child. You don't have to even be a pig lover to wear a necklace as sweet as this. This listing is for a mother and her child but if you contact me I can make yours differently.

This piece is made from recycled sterling silver and is created with a heart on top to hang onto a necklace. They have the cutest tiny curled tails! Each pig pair is made from the beginning from sterling silver sheet just for you so every pair is a bit unique! Every pendant will be about 1.25 inches tall and wide but because they are entirely handmade and soldered together, please allow a little variation in that size.

This pendant will come to you on an 18 inch long sterling silver rope chain and in a lovely gift box ready to be given to a loved one or to be enjoyed by you. Made to order pieces are created in 1-2 weeks and then they are mailed off to you!

One of the photos is shown with a momma pig and her *two* babies. I can create custom made pieces for you as well. Let's chat about it!

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