Phineas in the Pumpkin Patch


World, meet Phineas. Phineas came to life from a small pile of unassuming sterling silver scrap pieces. That pile was melted down, shaped a bit while being in a molten state, and then carved from the silver itself after it solidified and cooled. He hung out with me on my studio bench for a while, just watching what I was doing. I never could decide on the perfect place to have him call home. Until! Those little hand carved copper pumpkins came to life and they were surrounded by fall wildflowers. Ferns, wheat grasses, tiny fall blooming daisies, and sprigs of hollyhocks is now where Phineas calls home. Settled in below his deep red rose cut garnet, hanging upside down, he is the perfect travel companion. Isn't he?

This entirely hand crafted and one of a kind pendant measures about 2.5 inches tall and about 1.75 inches wide. It comes on an 18 inch long sterling silver loop chain making it ready to wear immediately while kicking through the fall leaves. 

Phineas will be packaged up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 

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