Mouse and Mushroom Twig Ring


1 piece in stock.

This sweet ring was created by melting down recycled sterling silver and then carving each of it's individual pieces to make one scene. The twig came along organically while in the flame with little nooks and knots. Twisted around past itself to create an adjustable band. Along the side of the ring there is a miniature cluster of spotted capped mushrooms for the tiny mouse to nobble on later. The mouse sits atop his little twig home waiting to see what you both will do next! The twig wraps around your finger and can be adjusted to fit all sizes. 

A one of a kind piece of the forest to take with you on your adventures. I can adjust this ring to fit your finger perfectly. Just let me know what size you would like it and it will come to you to fit immediately. It is simple to give the ring a slight opening or closing squeeze as well. Just be sure to fit it to your finger once because metals do not love being stressed on often. 

This one of a kind ring will come to you within 3-5 business days and packaged in a sweetly decorated gift box making it perfect for gift giving. 


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