Mother and Calf Whale Bracelet


The blue waves within the minerals of this petrified wood cabochon were the perfect match for these two. Splashing and playing in their waves together within the sea. That is what I saw when I picked up this stone. That blue is just magnificent! And not often seen within jewelry.

It takes somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 years for wood to fossilize. To become petrified, a tree must become buried in an environment with little to no oxygen. This usually happens in nature following a volcanic explosion when the tree is covered in volcanic ash. Without oxygen, the wood cannot rot. Depending on the type of minerals in the tree's surrounding soils and water, dictates the colors that the wood will become. The wood is eventually replaced with these different minerals. Black is normally carbon. Blues and greens are often cobalt, chrome, or copper. Yellow, pink, orange, and red are usually iron oxide, manganese, and magnesium oxide. So much science and chemistry within one tiny stone from the Earth! 

One each side of this soft blue waved stone is a mother and her baby. They are each curled up and protected in silver ocean waves. Tiny wave etching, miniature silver bubbles, and curled within many wave pockets, they are side by side. Every detail of this one of a kind bracelet was thoughtfully designed and carved from silver. 

The bracelet was made 6.5 inches long and is slightly adjustable the first time you wear it. Open backed bracelets in this style most like having one of the the bracelet cucked in between your two wrist bones and then slipped over the top of your wrist. A slight squeeze if you need it a bit tighter, but once fit this way, you can normally take your bracelet off and on without having to adjust it again. If you would like to see this in action I can send you a video! 

Already finished one of a kind items such as this mother and calf whale bracelet will be packed up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 

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