Inquisitive Rabbit Earrings

These little handmade rabbit earrings have so much personality smooshed into a small package! They come from an inquisitive rabbit I drew and then created them from sterling silver in two layers. His little arms draped in front of him while he looks around at his surroundings. He has thick ears, a fluffy chest, a tiny eye and nose that I shaped, and the most adorable fluffy bunny tail!

Since each of these little rabbits is cut out and then soldered and carve by my hands no two will be exactly alike. They are a little over 1/2 inch tall and made entirely from recycled sterling silver. I gave them a darkening patina and then sanded and polished them again to give them even more personality. These one of a kind earrings are a thoughtful gift for the rabbit lover in your life.

Each of my pieces comes to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them ready to be given as a gift or as a nice gift for yourself. All of my custom made to order pieces take 1-2 weeks to create and then they are on their way to you!

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